Reman: same quality, less environmental impact

Remanufacturing automotive parts means renovating used parts or components in order to make them perform as good or even better than new parts. Remanufacturing is a very comprehensive process, but it also serves a lot of advantages for our partners and for the environment.  

To remanufacture automotive parts, used products, called cores, should be retrieved. The collection of cores is a complex activity. We sell our remanufactured units with a deposit, which is returned to the customers if they send us the unit, they are replacing.

The core we are getting in exchange for a remanufactured unit is sent to one of our core warehouses in Poland or United Kingdom, where we store more than 1 million cores – ready for remanufacturing. At our production sites the cores undergo the remanufacturing process. This process involves complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, extensive inspection of all parts, reconditioning and replacement, reassembly and final testing.  

Remanufacturing – a circular economy

Remanufacturing is extending a product’s life span by bringing a defective product back to the same standard, as it was when it was first manufactured. The product undergoes a process that aim to recover most of the material - without compromising the quality.

Compared to manufacturing a new product, remanufacturing is a much gentler production process; in most cases, the remanufacturing process reduces energy consumption as it is unnecessary to melt and remelt metal into new products.  On average, remanufacturing our products emits 60% less CO2eq, consumes 42% less energy (MJ) and has a 70% lower depletion of nature's non-renewable raw materials (Sb-eq). 

*The average reduction is calculated from index 100 for each newly produced product without taking into account differences in production volumes for the 8 remanufactured products.

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